End Of Love

Matt, Neil, Josh and Zach sought out pornography on the Internet as adolescents. Today they are convicted felons on the National Sex Offender Registry. Their names, photos and addresses are public information available on the Internet. Their residency, movement and employment options are extremely limited.

Law enforcement officials say child pornography possession constitutes the fastest growing prosecuted crime in the US. END OF LOVE is a feature-length documentary about the lethal intersection of Internet pornography, the developing adolescent brain and the criminal justice system

With the proliferation of porn and the growing number of adolescents raised in a digital world, we find ourselves in a vast, uncontrolled social experiment.  Vicki asks, “What did we do wrong as parents?” END OF LOVE asks, what have we done wrong as a society?

We will tell the stories of a few young men who were arrested for posession of child porngraphy after early exposure to Internet pornography grew into a destructive habit that spiraled out of control. By wrapping personal narratives of our subjects around an examination of the social, legal, and technological issues, we hope to show that this is not an “us and them” problem. 
END OF LOVE raises critically important questions around a taboo subject and shows how child pornography destroys the lives of vulnerable youth on both sides of the screen.